Trust each other

Stronger links build stronger relationsihps.


Online world

The internet brings us within a click of more information than any of us could consume in a lifetime. We're used to on-demand access, instant gratification, and endless entertainment. But we've become increasingly unaware of our blind spots - none larger than our incredible eCommerce ecosystem. 1o is here to catch access to product up with our current access to content.

Today it's easier to call an UBER
than it is to
  • Buy groceries online

  • Subscribe to a video on demand service

  • Download a book

  • Order a new product


Untethered eCommerce, powered by 1o

  • Wheras uber comes to us, digitally we're still stuck navigating to megastores or niche eCommerce sites to find and consume the things we decide we want. 1o brings that access to you.

  • Through a first-of-its-kind smart contracting system built on a blockchain framework, 1o is able to establish trust between curators, brands and digital properties, so you can get what you want, when you want wherever you want it.

For Curators

Earn your worth

Hiding behind a link and faulty attribution is a think of the past. We'll show you why!

For Brands

Be everywhere your customers are.

Enjoy unprecedented mobility online, and leverage your superior value to scale. Learn how: