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1o is safe, secure and easy to implement checkout solution that directly connects curators, brands and readers.

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Reimagining customer relationships, 1 by One.

Creating amazing product is hard enough. Finding, engaging and converting new customers shouldn't be half the battle, or even a quarter of the battle.

Whether you have thousands or millions of potential customers, managing individual relationships with them is impossible for your organization (at this point in time). 1o has built a next generation smart contracting system that makes 1 on one relationships scale as personally and honestly online as they do in person.

We’re also working to make the world a little smaller. Don’t guess who your target buyer is; know them. Don’t fight so hard to win attention (or distract it away from a more valuable experience). Instead, integrate your brand into that experience. And service new business 1 by one; as personally as possible.

The Future for Brands

  • Certainty Of Attribution

    Through 1 on one relationships with your customers, and your publishers, you’ll know everything instantly. No layers to sift through, no sampled data. Just real activity, all the time.

  • Value Trumps Creativity

    Scale one new customer at a time. Manage each relationship with individual care, and address everyone in their own experience. 1o gives you that power.

  • Align With influence

    Go from one network to 1 curator at a time. We give you the scale to partner directly, and the power to process personally.

  • Simplify Your Pricing

    One, best price, unlimited scale. Niche discounts and coupon hunting won't work. We're shifting power to quality and real reviews.

  • Stop Driving Traffic

    Start earning reviews. One review gives you 1 perspective that is shared with thousands of already trusting readers. This is your new access point.

  • Discover Your Market

    By empowering curators we create a dynamic that brings curators to your brand, not one review at a time.

Let’s transform the internet, 1 purchase at a time.

Your content is worth a lot more

Consumers shouldn’t be commodified.

Today, audience size isn't enough. The fact that you have earned attention, amidst the noise, doesn't communicate the value of your content the way it should. This is not your fault.

They’re your readers, your audience, your community. Every individual has unique value, and as their gateway to a world of products, news and information, your 1 on one relationship with them is unique and valuable too.

By making direct, 1 on one relationships scaleable and manageable for companies large and small, we put growth, scale and discovery completely in your hands. 1 by one you’ll expose thousands to whatever you like. But this time, you’ll know exactly how much your referrals are worth. Our strong link technology is second to none. So you’ll enjoy perfect attribution for everyone.

The Future for Curators

  • Complete Transparency

    Know the value you drive, create volumes of conversion opportunity, and get paid for every One.

  • Quality Trumps Creativity

    Work with the best products, get the best offers, and never sell again. Just keep doing what you already do best, One review at a time.

  • Stop Linking Out

    Start linking in! You work so hard to build up a following, and retain their interest. Why should you have to sacrifice that audience to monetize? Retain everyOne.

  • Get Unprecedented Access

    Today, larger companies won't work directly with you. In the future you'll work 1 on One with whoever you’d like.

  • Be a Market Maker

    Every one has an idea. Every idea starts with its 1st purchase. Let’s work together to build brands One customer at a time.

  • Simplify Your Sales

    Get rid of that ad server. Prove once and for all that even One visitor consuming your content is valuable.


Who are we

1o Makes purpose-driven technology. 1o’s mission is to bring trusted, 1 on one interaction, into the digital sphere. We should trust who we buy, share, link to and mention. That trust shouldn’t depend on layers of big tech that we’re unable to influence. It should simply be between you and I, brand and customer, reviewer and audience, publication and reader.