Ecommerce That Converts 300% better

Who needs influence when they have context?
Meet the future of digital commerce: 1 to one relationships.

Frictionless eCommerce

Whether you have thousands or millions of potential customers, managing individual relationships with them is impossible for your organization (at this point in time). 1o has built a next generation smart contracting system that makes 1 on one relationships scale as personally and honestly online as they do in person.

We’re also working to make the world a little smaller. Don’t guess who your target buyer is; know them. Don’t fight so hard to win attention (or distract it away from a more valuable experience). Instead, integrate your brand into that experience. And service new business 1 by one; as personally as possible.

The Future for Brands

  • Fast

    The fastest checkout on the web.

  • Secure

    Secured using first-to market technology.

  • Contained

    Readers stay in your experience.

  • Trusted

    Security, AI, and blockchain creators.

Where do we start?

1o can be implemented in minutes. Your brand controls the entire transaction. Curators get credit (and compensation) through our system. All you need to do is tell us what you want to sell.

To schedule a call with our founding team, grab time on the calendar below or email [email protected]